The Triangle

by MasterMason

The Triangle

Symbols have been used since earliest recorded history to teach and to preserve knowledge about natural and spiritual laws. Over 3000 years ago the Egyptian Mystery Schools used the equilateral triangle to symbolise their teachings that for the perfect manifestation of anything material or Spiritual, three principal elements or conditions were always required.

Subsequently, the Greek and Roman Philosophical and Esoteric societies also adopted the triangle, together with its numerical equivalent (the number 3) as a symbol of Perfection.

Throughout the ages and up to the present time, we find these symbols being used by many societies and religions, for example:

The Star of David- comprising two triangles that are representative of the perfect blending of the material and the spiritual.

The Trinity expressed so beautifully in the Christian religion must surely allude to the total and absolute perfection of the Supreme Being – The Great Architect of the Universe.

Possessing this knowledge, let us now examine our Craft Lodges where we discover the triangle and the number 3 being extensively used. 3 rule a Lodge, 3 Degrees are worked, the knocks are 3 in number, there are 3 Great, though Emblematical Lights, the 3 Lesser Lights, and so on.

There are many more examples, both on the surface and of a more subtle nature awaiting your search and discovery. Also look for arrangements in the form of a triangle.

All this must inevitably lead us to ask whether there is perhaps a hidden meaning to be revealed by our search. Many people sincerely believe that the wide use of this symbol of perfection is intended to direct our thoughts to that most perfect manifestation of the Divine Mind, namely “Yourself”. God created man out of the dust of the earth, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living soul.

Here once again we see the 3 principal elements:

  1. Our physical bodies are composed entirely of materials from the earth.
  2. The life force which entered our bodies with the first breath and will stay with us until our last breath, distinguishes us from inanimate objects, and maintains and protects all our complex bodily systems as best it can, and finally
  3. That which looks out from behind our eyes and is conscious of itself – the Immortal Principle – our Soul, which has neither beginning nor ending.

To conclude, one can do no better than to quote from the Scottish Ritual of Investiture of the Master Mason apron: “Finally, the MM’s Apron with its three emblems arranged in the form of a triangle, teaches you that as you have now arrived at full Masonic manhood, you will, by a study of the mysteries symbolised by the triangle, endeavour to reach that goal of perfection towards which we should all strive”

J P. E & D Task Force USGC.   2015.

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