A Tale of the Old West

by MasterMason

A Tale of the Old West

This is a tale of same Masons surrounding a campfire in the Old West, at night, and discussing the Fraternity and its teachings. One old Mason listened patiently, and finally spoke up.

“I can tell you more about Freemasonry in a little example than some of the great Masonic Philosophers can in books.
Everybody stand up, and gather in a circle around the campfire.”

They did that

“ Now hold hands” They did that too.
“Now what do you see looking ahead?.
“The face of a Brother Mason through the flames”
“What do you feel in front of you?”
“The warmth of the fire, and the comfort it brings on a cool night.
“ What do you feel at you side?”
“The warm hand of a Brother”

“OK . Now drop you hands, and turn around” They did so.
Now what do you see, looking ahead?”
“Complete darkness”

“What do you feel, looking ahead?”
“A sense of loneliness, of being alienated”
“What do you feel at your side?”
“Nothing at all”
“What do you feel on your backside?.”
“The warmth of the fire”

“So it is with Freemasonry” said the old man.

In Masonic gatherings, you can feel the warmth of Masonic interaction, you can see the face of a Brother through the light Freemasonry brings you, and you can always feel the warm hand of a Brother.

When you turn away from Masonry, and are out in the World, you see darkness, feel alienated and alone, and do not feel the warm hand of a Masonic Brother.

But Masonry, and the warmth it brings, are just a turn away from you.

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