A Short Talk by a Young Entered Apprentice

by MasterMason

A Short Talk by a Young Master Mason following an Entered Apprentice conferral

From the moment we make the decision that we would like to bemade a mason our Education in the Craft begins.

For some of you, no doubt, that decision was made a long long time ago. For others the journey is just beginning.

Remember, with me, the excitement we felt as the petition was placed in the hands of the Mason who would present it on our behalf.

Also remember the way you felt on your first visit to the Lodge for the mysterious ceremony of Initiation you were about to undertake and the great mysteries of the “Masons” that you were about to learn.

If, like most, you were a little nervous, apprehensive and excited, then I say GOOD.

It is with the same spirit that I myself have found when approaching “Masonic Education” after having been made a Master Mason.

We think we have learned the Secrets, the Handshakes and even some of the History, but, it goes much deeper than that.

If Freemasonry is a beautiful system of morality, veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols how much have we really learned???

Some of the Brethren present, no doubt, know more about the symbols than you or I, some know more about the allegory and illusions, and no doubt, do not struggle with morality as do others.

We are all called upon to make daily advancements in the Craft

It is my role to remind you of that, and to call upon you to remember it with the same earnest zeal that you remember your first journey into Freemasonry.

I wish you well my Brothers, and hope you enjoy your early steps into Freemasonry, and that you will continue to take every opportunity to learn more about our Craft.

Bro. Brad Chesney, Star of the West Lodge #34. G.L of. Alberta (Canada)


It is indeed unfortunate that so many men approach Freemasonry with the thought that they will be able to learn everything by some from of osmosis or injection.

Freemasonry is a “PERSONAL SPIRITUAL JOURNEY” and as such must be taken ALONE.

I do not mean for one second that one is left to fend for themselves, sources for Mentorship and Guidance are there for the asking BUT the Mason MUST take the initiative and ownership for his own personal growth.

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