Yabuts & A Masonic Gem

by MasterMason

Fraternal Greetings Brethren.


When I hear someone presenting something NEW or DIFFERENT, I remember this paper I received some time ago.

Hopefully we are all able to identify;  act accordingly & stay positive with an open mind!!!!!!


YABUTS are monstrous little beasts that inhabit the meetings and conversations that take place all over our Fraternity. A YABUT’s purpose in life is to sap the team of it’s competitive strength by killing any new ideas or creative approaches as soon as they are suggested.

They do this by grabbing someone’s tongue and making them say things like:-

“YABUT” we tried that three years ago.

“YABUT” we’ve never done it like that before.

“YABUT” Grand Lodge would never go along with it.

“YABUT” The Brethren would never buy into that kind of idea.

“YABUT” They (the Ubiquitous “ THEY” who control the World & Masonry) won’t  let us.

“YABUT” It might not work.

“YABUT” It won’t work here.

Be aware that when these YABUTS crawl onto the table during a meeting, or swoop down into a Lodge Room conversation, they don’t look monstrous at all. Often, they adopt the appearance of a cute, cuddly, perfectly acceptable, or even helpful contribution to the discussion.

But if these YABUTS are not recognized and stomped out right away, they usually succeed in their deadly, negative missions.

The flow of ideas soon changes from:

“ This is how we can make it work” TO “

“How can we make this work” and all the reasons it won’t work, and therefore not worth trying.


Masonry is no mere luxury of reminiscence. It has grown out of the past, but it transforms the present and enlarges and brightens the prospects of the future.

“ True Masonry is neither an investment in finance nor an insurance against pecuniary need: it is not a refuge for the improvident, the unsuccessful or the incompetent: it makes no promise of world preferment or social advantage. But it is an investment in self-betterment, social service and good fellowship, also an insurance against lack of friends and isolation.”

In the Bulgarian valley, in the early morning, before the dew has disappeared, people travel nine miles to gather 50,000 roses, which, when properly treated, make only one ounce of the attar of roses.

Let us be patient as we build a finer and better world, never get tired or quit. “ In due season we shall reap if we faint not”

Written by M.W.Bro. Rev.Dr. J.S. Henderson

Published in the Masonic Bulletin Grand Lodge of British Columbia =1938



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