Wisdom (The Poem)

by MasterMason
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Let kindness spread like sunshine
and embrace those who are sad.
Respect their dignity, give them joy
and leave them feeling glad.
Forgive those who may hurt you
and though you have your pride,
listen closely to their viewpoint
and try to see the other side.
Walk softly, when you are angry
try not to take offence.
Invoke your sense of humour,
laughter’s power is immense
Express what you are felling,
your beliefs you should uphold.
Don’t shy away from what is right
be courageous and bold.
Keep hope right in your pocket
it will guide you day by day.
Take it out when it is needed
when it’s near you’ll find a way.
Remember friends and family
of which you are a precious part.
Love deeply and love truly.
Give freely from your heart.
This World is far from perfect
there’s conflict and there’s strife.
But you can still make a difference,
By how you live your life.

shared by M.W. Bro. Kris Goodmanson
Grand Master
Grand Lodge of Manitoba  (2010)

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