Will a Secretary get to Heaven ?

by MasterMason
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Will a Secretary get to Heaven??

A Tribute to our unsung heroes      No one will admit to being the Author!

 If a Secretary writes a letter, it is too long

If he sends a post card, its too short.

If he doesn’t send a notice, he’s lazy.

If he attends a committee meeting, he’s butting in.

If he duns a member for dues, he’s insulting.

If he fails to collect dues, he’s slipping

If he asks for advice, he’s incompetent.

If he does not, he’s bull-headed.

If he writes reports complete, they’re too long.

If he condenses them, they’re incomplete

If he talks on a subject, he’s trying to run things.

If he remains silent, he lost interest

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

If others won’t do it, the Secretary must.


As a Past Secretary, and a bunch of others things, I feel that sometimes, we take ourselves much too seriously. This is just a small attempt to lighten things up!!!

Have a wonderful Day & God Bless





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