Why the Rush

by MasterMason
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presented by V.W. Bro. Norman McEvoy

The subject I wish to address in this paper is the “Why the Rush” in getting Candidates through the Degrees.

Our History tells us that in Operative Times, apprentices were required to serve SEVEN years prior to being considered for the honour of being a Freemason.
By no means am I advocating this length of time, however, somewhere between the process of               “All the Way in only a Day” & Seven Years there must be an answer!!!

Why & What is there to be gained by slowing down the progression through the Degrees:?

I offer the following:-

1. Becoming a Freemason is just the beginning of a Personal Spiritual Journey through life and not one to be entered into lightly.

2. The lessons incorporated into our ceremonies are both Exoteric & Esoteric and, to be of real value, require the Candidate to have an understanding of both these aspects, prior to moving forward.
Please note, I have used the word “Understanding” not memorizing.
“This is where Mentors; Coaches & Sponsors play their part”

3. By scheduling conferrals away from speed and making more space for scheduling from the perspective of Education & Understanding, I am firmly of the belief that everyone , the Lodge ; the Officers & the Candidate would greatly benefit from the more relaxed atmosphere wherein all participants, & not forgetting the brethren about the Lodge, would feel much more included within the ceremonies themselves.
It is also probable that the quality of the “Memory Work” & the delivery of same would substantially improve.

4. A further advantage from moving from a “Candidate Driven” Lodge to a “Membership Driven” Lodge is that the scheduling for special events, i.e. Ladies Nights ; Burns Nights etc. could be dealt with on a annual basis and the ANNUAL date looked forward to with anticipation.
The Officers & presenters would also KNOW when the work is be presented and make the necessary planning to be ready for same.

5. It is my believe that Lodges are where we go with the anticipation of enjoying the company of like minded men, relax & hopefully receive a boost in our own Masonic Education and growth. This cannot be accomplished where the processing of Candidates is seen to be the primary Focus!!

6. There are many Lodges who have this process in full control and are to be admired for their organization and ability. Possibly a way could be found for them to share their secrets.!!!

This paper is being presented by myself in the hope that it will be PROVACTIVE and commence a thought process in all Lodges as to what could or might be best practice.
I also recall that in 1998, my year as Master, when our Lodge processed NINE Candidates & I have difficulty even remembering who they were !!!!

Several months ago a paper was shared in, “The Educator” prepared by Bro. Ian Bowman of the Grand Lodge of BC & Yukon wherein he discussed the
Renaissance of Freemasonry” all over the World.

Brethren, from the International & Local feedback I am receiving, this Renaissance is now upon us and men all over the World are knocking on our doors.
We owe it to the Craft and ourselves to make the beginning of their journey memorable for all the RIGHT reasons.

Surely it is a must, that our house be in order when we welcome them into the
Greatest Fraternity on Earth

Have a wonderful day & God Bless

PS. Feedback is appreciated to theeducator@shaw.ca

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