Who Does What & When

by MasterMason
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Who Does What & When

Brethren, as we approach the beginning of another Masonic Year, and the strategic planning for Installations, effective meetings, education, social evenings etc, begins, I wish to share the following with you.  Please note that I have adapted this old saying for Masonic use.

There are three types of Masons within our Fraternity.

1.   Those who make things happen

2.   Those who watch things happen

3.   Those who ask “What Happened”

There may be one other type in our Fraternity that says “I have done my bit and it is time for someone else to step forward and take over”

May I suggest to those in Category #4 that somewhere in YOUR Lodge there is at least one relatively NEW Mason that would love the opportunity to “Make Things Happen” but is uncertain of the process.

That is where you come in as a MENTOR and GUIDE.

For the benefit of us all, please take this wonderful and important step and through your wisdom & experience harness this enthusiasm for the Good of Freemasonry in General & Your Lodge in Particular.

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