Who are we, Where did we come From and Where are we Going

by MasterMason

Adapted from an email from R.W.Bro. Jim Whyte. Past DDGM. BC&Y (2004)

I was going through my files looking for something that I has saved for a special moment and I discovered this piece which had been shared with me and saved in March 2004.

Wonderful words & Very True.

A few years ago (1995) I visited the Grand Lodge of BC&Yukon offices to research the history available in their archives.

I was welcomed by R.W.Bro. Gordon Phillips (Grand Secretary) given a brief orientation and then set loose to begin my labours.

During the day, if I recall correctly. At precisely 10.00am the “tea time” call was made and a much welcome break was taken.

During this social time, I became acquainted with RW. Bro. Robert Clark Custodian and Grand Librarian.

He invited me to peruse the volumes of Lodge Histories on file and to use them as a pattern for my research.

For those who have not had the opportunity to visit the Grand Lodge Library, I can assure you, it is extensive and contains numerous volumes dedicated to Masonry.

As our R.W.Bro. pointed out, they represent the PAST. What is more important he added “is over here on this smaller shelf”

Stored on the shelf he referred to were Monthly Publications from many Grand Jurisdictions. He said, “All those books are History, these Publications tell the real story of Freemasonry TODAY.”

I’ve never forgotten those words and I can’t refute them. “Masonry is dynamic!!.”

You my companions are what Masonry is and what it can be.

What was, can’t be changed.

The present, is what YOU are,

and what YOU are doing in Freemasonry.

What Masonry will or will not be is wholly dependent on YOU.

Don’t point to the dignitaries of the past,

YOU are the key element to today’s Freemasonry.

Don’t bathe in the reflected light of those who have gone before you.

If you choose not to participate in your Lodge that is your business, however, you should reflect on the fact that you have the opportunity to work on the Foundation of what tomorrow’s Freemasonry will be built on.

Attitude is Everything when “Facing the Challenge”

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