The Soul of Man

by MasterMason


taken from “Someone Cares” by Helen Steiner Rice



Every man has a deep heart need

                        That cannot be filled with doctrine or creed

For the soul of man knows nothing more

                        than just that he is longing for

A Heaven that is safe and sure

                        a fortress where he feels secure

As island in this sea of strife

                        away from all the storms of life

O God Of Love, who sees us all

                        YOU are so GREAT we are so small

Hear man’s universal prayer

                        crying to you in despair

“Save my soul and grant me peace

                        let my restless murmurings cease

God of Love- Forgive !  Forgive!!

                        teach me how to truly live

As me not my race or creed

                        just take me in my hour of need

And let me know YOU love me too

                        and that I am part of YOU

And someday may man realize

                        that all the earth, the seas, the skies

Belong to God who made us all

                        the rich, the poor, the great, the small

and in the Fathers Holy Sight

                        no man is yellow, black or white

and PEACE ON EARTH cannot be found

                        until we meet on Common Ground

and every man becomes a BROTHER

                        who worships God and loves each other




Sort of says it all                    Love Norm



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