The Pencil

by MasterMason

The Pencil, in the sense that it is the instrument of original design, is again demonstrably an implement of the architect or master-builder, the means whereby his inspired talents are set down for the instruction of the workmen and the guidance of the supervisors.

On a recent visit to England, I saw, in a book, a copy of a beautiful drawing, executed in pencil on vellum, by the master builder Hans. V. Kohn, in 1442 – his design for the great open-work twin spires for Cologne Cathedral.

The work was not immediately undertaken, perhaps for financial reasons, but in the meantime Hans was offered an assignment in Spain, where he took his drawings and used them in building the almost identical open work twin spires of the great cathedral at Burgos.

Hans subsequently died, and the drawings, like the “genuine secrets” of our traditional history, were lost.  But, “time and circumstance” eventually restored them after several centuries, for they were discovered in 1817, and the lovely spires of Cologne Cathedral, as they exist today, were faithfully completed to Hans’ original design.

Truly, the pencil of the Master Builder is an impressive tool.

Our ritual reminds us, however, that the pencil is an instrument, not only of design, but also or record,

“that all our words and actions are not only observed but are recorded by the Most High, to whom we must render an account”.

The shabby act, the unkind word, the dishonest deal, may be forgiven and forgotten by him upon whom it is perpetrated, and he is blessed by his act of forgiveness.  But it will not be easily forgotten by the perpetrator, on whose character it is an ugly stain.

“The moving finger writes, and having writ Moves on; not all the piety and or wit shall lure it back to cancel half a line. Nor all the tears wash out a word of it!”

By Bro. Phil J. Croft, King David Lodge No. 93, BCR;
January and February, 1974

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