The Level and The Square

by MasterMason

The Level and The Square

by Brother Rob Morris Poet Laureate of Freemasonry (this poem , written in August 1854, is the most popular Masonic Poem of all time)

We meet upon the Level and we part upon the Square

These words have precious meaning and are practiced everywhere

Come let us contemplate them, they are worthy of a thought

From the ancient times of Masonry these symbols have been taught

We meet upon the level, every country, sect and creed

The rich man in his mansion, the poor man in his field

For wealth is not considered within our outer door

And we all meet upon the level upon the chequered floor.

We act upon the Plumb the Junior Warden states

We walk upright through our lives, we seek the pearly gates

The All-seeing Eye that reads our hearts doth bear our witness true

That we shall try to honour God and give each man his due

We part upon the square as all good Masons do

We mingle with the multitude a faithful band and true

So the brotherhood of Masonry from every corner come

The meet upon the level and act upon the Plumb.

There’s a world where all are equal we’re coming to it fast

We shall meet upon the level there, when the days on Earth are passed

We shall stand before the altar and our Master will be there

To try the blocks we offer with his own unerring Square

We shall meet upon the level there bur never thence depart

There’s a Mansion —`tis all ready for each trusting, faithful heart

There’s a Mansion and a welcome and a multitude is there

Who have met upon the Level and been tried upon the Square

Let us meet upon the level then while these earthly ties we share

And just hope we’re there to answer when the roll is called up there

As we travel through our lifespan time aids us prepare

To gather up our working tools and part upon the Square

So remember all our teachings, that bright Fraternal chain

We part upon the Square below to meet in Heaven again

These words have precious meaning and are practiced everywhere

We meet upon the Level & we part upon the Square.

Have a Wonderful Day & God Bless



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