The Letter “G”

by MasterMason
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Some of you, including myself, until lately, may not be aware that, at our initiation, we referred to the Supreme Being as the Great Architect of the Universe,

However, at our passing we then referred to him as The Grand Geometrician of the Universe

Then at the close of the Tracing Board Lecture in the Fellowcraft Degree we were introduced to the Letter “G” which is always prominently displayed in our Lodges.

Colin Dyer explains that the letter “G”, (usually depicted on a blazing sun), is generally seen to be the symbol for God the Geometrician as presented in the Fellowcraft Degree.

While the “G” (usually suspended over the altar or center of the Lodge Room) is generally seen to be symbol for God the Supreme Architect in Freemasonry in general

For me personally, this provides the reason why, in my own Lodge Room, both of these symbols are present.

The “G” on a Blazing Sun is situated over the Masters Chair in the East, and the plain letter “G” is suspended over the altar.


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