The Initiate’s Chain

by MasterMason

This explanation is sometimes used in conjunction with the Entered
Apprentice’s song.

Brother initiate, you will observe that with open arms we receive you into
freemasonry in general, into this, your mother lodge, in particular, and
into the hearts of the brethren forming this Masonic circle. You will see
that a brothers arms cross the breast of those next to him on either side:
this symbolizes the protection brother gives to brother from the attacks of
the insidious should the need arise. You will also notice that the brothers
arms extend beyond his immediate neighbours; this signifies the far reaching
nature of Masonic help. The chain thus formed is symbolic of our order; it
is a double link chain and therefore doubly strong. It has two meanings,
first, it shows the manner in which the initiate is received into
freemasonry; all the brethren receive him into the circle which has no end.
You, brother initiate are grasping the hands of the Immediate Past Master
across the breast of the Worshipful Master. You represent the future; the
Worshipful Master the present and the Immediate Past Master, the past. Thus,
the past looks through the present to the future to see the continuity of
its work. Secondly, because the chain is a double link one, should it so
happen that a link is broken by the G.A.O.T.U. calling a brother to the
Grand Lodge above, the chain remains unbroken by means of the other links.
Nevertheless a weakness remains until that link is replaced by a new
brother. Tonight, brother initiate, you are that new link; may you remain
strong and unbroken until you in turn received your summons to the Grand
Lodge above.
The slight swaying movement made by the brethren signifies that the chain is
being stretched and tested but remains strong and unbroken, this points out
that masonry is able to meet and over-come all difficulties under any

In my 61 years as a member of the Craft I have never seen or heard of this piece of ritual.
It is truly beautiful and, to me, would leave an impression that would be with me for the rest of my life. It is truly beautiful and could be read perfectly by an Orator, thus eliminating the need for perfect memory.

Have a wonderful Day & God Bless

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