The Holy Men

by MasterMason
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author & origin unknown (thank goodness) Blame it on me!!!!

Some years ago when living in Northern British Columbia a new Master Mason came to me with a problem. It seemed that he and his wife had made a solemn vow that there would be no secrets in their married life.

And then he became a Freemason!!!!!!!

What do they do???? She Asked                                 I can’t tell you He replied.
Your breaking our Marriage Vows !! She stated,    I can’t help it He replied
That’s not good enough!! She stated                         OK I’ll try He replied

You see, he explained, there are three types of people who are Freemasons!!!!
You’re kidding she replied ====== Pray Tell!!!
Well he said there are Walkers Talkers and Holy Men

What are you talking about???? she said !!! (obviously, as any woman would!!!!!)

Well he said. When you are allowed to enter the lodge room, you are blindfolded & there is a man who holds you firmly in his grasp. He is the one who leads you around the room while you listen to people talk to you about things you have no idea about. (Maybe later someone will tell me what they really said)!!         I think they were the Walkers!!!

On a few occasions they stop and someone else starts to speak ( Again I don’t really know what they said) but I figured out someone would fill me in after it was all over.
I think they were the Talkers!!!!

But, she said Who were the Holy Men???

Well he said, every so often, while all this was all going on, there were moments when it seemed that there was a hesitation when someone didn’t seem to know what to say or do and voices could be heard from the South East corner of the Lodge Room saying.

I don’t know who they were but I figured they must have been The Holy Men.

In February 2016 I will have been a Freemason for 60 Years (dob 1934) and I can reflect on many occasions when the Old Farts have, by their unwarranted criticism, virtually destroyed the confidence & enthusiasm of a Brother who has made an honest effort to perform Ritual in Open Lodge. Recently, I have come to realize that I could have, without realizing it, have been one of those HOLY MEN.           NOW = Having been informed by my doctor that, for health reasons, I must cut down on my Stress Levels, I have decided to relinquish all my Elected and Appointed offices and concentrate my efforts on Masonic Education alone.
Surely it is essential that we (Holy Men) allow our New Generation of Freemasons the RIGHT to make their own mistakes and grow from them.
That means we back off and become Positive Mentors!!!!!!

I feel better already!!!!

Have a wonderful day & God Bless

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