The Celtic Cross and Irradiation

by MasterMason
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The Celtic Cross & Irradiation
(a personal conversation)


Do you ever talk to yourself & get into deep thought when you are shaving, brushing your teeth etc…  – Well I do – and this morning was special.


Looking in the mirror I noted the Celtic Cross that I have had on a necklace about my neck for a substantial number of years.


Several weeks ago the clasp broke on the necklace & I was forced to take it to the jeweller to have it repaired. This meant that I was without my cross for a few days.


I say a few, because I asked the jeweller if he could expedite the repair as I felt naked & somehow uncomfortable without it and he was kind enough to do so.


As I write this the Cross is back exactly where I wish it to be.


So where am I going with this???


In examining a Celtic Cross, one might ask WHY is it different and then note that it has a circle as a backdrop to the cross itself.


The next question is, WHY a circle, and that is when my thought processes took over and this paper came to life.


If we look  back over the ages we will note that the Celts were Sun Worshipers and looked to the SUN for Light Heat & Comfort etc.


And so, it can be surmised, as a remembrance of from whence they came the SUN was & is used in irradiated form to demonstrate and express WHO & WHERE they are now.


For those of us who are Christians, we look to Jesus & the Cross, for all the same reasons & GOD the father for making all these things possible.


For those not of the Christian faith, I am quite certain there are many parallels in all Monotheist faiths.


Now where might we see this symbolism in Freemasonry ???


In the Masonic Temple where my Lodge meets there are TWO “G’s” on display.


One is in the Center of the Lodge Room itself and the other “Irradiated” is placed in the EAST over the Worshipful Master’s Chair.


There may be some of us who may immediately recognize WHY the difference, for others remember in the EA Degree you requested LIGHT and on the FM Degree you requested MORE LIGHT.


There are many more thoughts that come to mind including the fact that our WM is our leader and obligated to bring “Light and Instruction to the Brethren of his Lodge” and is the humble representative of King Solomon, who was widely respected for his Truth & Wisdom.


As we move forward to the Holy Royal Arch it can be noted that on a substantial number of Officers Collars the Jewel (Symbol) of the Office is Irradiated.


For those among us who have had the opportunity to experience that Degree, the answer to WHY should now be quite obvious.


Finally, as you may have noted from The Header on this Website, there is a Lamp of Learning on the incoming left hand side of the page, moving to an outgoing Beacon on the right.


This Symbolism is intended to impress the reader to ingest and personalize instruction & to share the same after having done so


The Message is BE A BEACON and radiate your new found Light with others.


As Master Masons that is not only our Obligation but our Privilege.


Thank you, the reader, for allowing me to share with you.


Gob Bless                   Norm


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