That A-Hah Moment

by MasterMason
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Brethren, Companions & Friends.


What is an A-Hah moment????


Webster’s Dictionary tells me it is an Expression of Surprise  OR  an exclamation of Triumph.    Both are equally true, but how about    WOW==NOW I GET IT”

Now to my paper:-

There is no question in my mind that, as Spiritual Beings, we must be always aware of that inner voice giving us “Options” in our lives.


You will note that I have high lighted “Options” this is because I do not believe we receive Directions, rather GOD places alternatives before us and then allows us to make the decision for ourselves.


It is in this way we learn to appreciate the guidance we are being given & as and when we ignore that guidance we must also learn to realize & appreciate that the end result was probably our own making.


Where am I going with this??? 

Well a few weeks ago I was invited to be the Keynote Speaker at a District Education Day and in preparing for that opportunity I recalled my personal commitment to myself that, in “The Educator” & in “Personal presentations”, I was never going to adopt a “Lecture or Sermon” format but concentrate on the Sharing of experiences.


It was as a result of this decision that I ventured into sharing “Masonic Education”

(at a local level) ; in an email format (2003)  and have ended up with “The Educator” (Worldwide) Website.


So what is the difference between these two styles ?????

I think we have all experienced sitting in Church or Lodge and being talked AT by

way of Sermon or Lecture as the case may be.


Many times I came away upset because I did not totally agree with the presenter but there was never an opportunity given for me to voice my opinion.


In Freemasonry we present that learning opportunity primarily by way of allegory, and role playing with the intention that the listeners and observers will understand the message, store if for future use, and become better persons (Masons) as a result of it.


But truthfully, never in my 56 years of observing Ritual Work, have I ever seen a candidate exclaim  A-HAH now I get it.!!!!!  WOW this is great stuff!!!!!!


So how do we measure understanding, how do we know that all our work and effort has Paid Off.


From my experience the only truly effective way, I have witnessed, is by Mentorship, with a more experienced Brother taking the newer Mason under his charge and, should he not have the answers being posed, making certain that he seeks them out and shares same with his charge.   It is in that was that Teacher & Pupil both learn & grow.


Another thought, in support of Mentorship,  is to bring a small study group together, (irrespective of Masonic development &/or experience),  who agree to engage in open sharing on an agreed upon topic.  This provides the opportunity for sharing experience. Experience tells that there will usually be at least one A-HAH moment for one or more of the participants.


Now to my recent experience in Sharing

At the Education Day, mentioned above, I decided to toss into discussion the following piece of ritual, which is not secretive in any way shape or form, but because of where it appears in our degree structure, it does not, again in my opinion, get the attention it so deservedly demands.


IN FACT – On many occasions I have truly wondered if the Brother who was presenting this Charge really understood its esoteric significance.

This partial quote comes from Emulation Ritual is as follows;-


“Let me now beg you to observe that the light of a Master Mason is darkness visible, serving only to express that gloom which rests on the prospect of futurity.


It is that mysterious veil which the eye of human reason cannot penetrate unless assisted by that light which is from above”


Brethren, I ask you, if you have not already contemplated or meditated on the message  being conveyed in this small piece of ritual,  you should take the time to do so!!!!!


In the Masonic Education Day that I have referred to above, a Master Mason, of some  years service and experience, openly indicated that during our sharing he had that

“A-HAH” moment and now saw & UNDERSTOOD the significance of the Charge.


A Magical Moment indeed.


From the feedback I receive through “The Educator”  I know that the large percentage of those receiving this message are Educationally minded and do seek the opportunity to share as and when possible.  That being the case:-


May I ask a personal favour from each and every one of you!!!!!


Before your begin you next presentation (sharing)  request that if anyone, during the presentation has such an A-HAH MOMENT that they share it with you personally or with the group at Large.  This could be as simple as raising his hand.


My objective, has always, and will continue to be, to improve the Masonic Experience for even ONE Brother, beyond that everything is a BONUS. 


We must never stop learning.!!!


Have a wonderful day & God Bless You and Yours





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