Take Hold of a Future

by MasterMason

By: M.W.Bro. Rev. Raymond C. Green, PGM; undated;  GRBC & Y.

How important is the future to you?
How much time do you spend thinking or dreaming about the future?
How good are you at predicting the future?
For many people the future is important.
They are the ones who like to know the future of shares or land or home prices. Some people spend all their professional working lives trying to manage the future, and invest large sums of money on the outcome of the future they have speculated.

We have come to the beginning of a brand New Year.

This is a time to reflect on the past, and an opportunity to prepare for the future.
How that will ultimately work out is not yet known, but we do know that change will be on the daily agenda.
We have no way of knowing just what the future of our lives, our relationships, our work, or our Lodges will be. There is though, an inevitability that change will occur. Life is a dynamic, and we can never go back to what was, as attractive as we think it might have been.

Many of us in our own personal lives have had to undergo many changes, new ways of doing things, new perspectives on life and living, adjustments to new technology, and we have coped. It was not always to our liking or convenience, but we managed to adjust and embrace the future.
We can never remain in one place.
Stagnation in this living universe means death.

This disturbs many of us. It annoys others, saddens some and excites the adventurous. Time surely does fly and its flight brings change, in the community, in society, in our homes, and as part of our Masonic involvement.

Think of the immense changes that have occurred within our lifetime.

The fusion of the atom, two world wars & numerous other conflicts.
Global depression, inter-planetary exploration, the man on the moon, and the magnificent advances in medical science. All of these and many more, too vast to list.

If we really think about it, all this has occurred in our lifetime and more importantly, most have been benefits for good and for the advancement of humankind.

You see, the future for all of us will be vastly different.
We must change our way of thinking and living, and doing.
We must find keys to unlock doors into vast new opportunities that present themselves for human beings.
We must find resources within our Masonic tradition that will demonstrate to society that we are people who can make a difference for good.
We need to be proactive in our presentation of Masonic values so that men will want to join, to show that what we do and who we are, is morally and spiritually worthwhile.
We need to focus on a positive future, not on our problems and difficulties.

So how do we take hold of a positive future?
Be optimistic about the future, not pessimistic.
Discover what can be, not hang on to what was.
Make some high resolutions about your own life and future.
Dream some dreams, seek the impossible.
Hope for a vital future.
Put your hands into the hands of God.
This is the safest and surest way to have a vital, enthusiastic life and a productive, positive future.


Please; I know I am a month late in the beginning of a New Year, however
I discovered this wonderful paper and felt I MUST share it with you, in these difficult times.

It’s beauty to me, is that it applies to all of us, no matter where we live on this planet
and admonishes us to look to the future with positive thoughts & prayers knowing we are in the hands of GOD.

Have a wonderful Day & God Bless

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