Stop, Brother, Just a Moment

by MasterMason

Before you enter this Holy of Holies, ask yourself in your innermost heart
Am I duly and truly prepared?

If you will listen you may hear a voice within, saying,
“It is a Brother desiring admission.

Can you enter this sanctuary this night as, indeed, a Brother?

Have you divested yourself of garments of hate, envy, jealousy, deceit, hypocrisy, and put on the robe of Brotherly Love?

Can you stand before the Holy Altar, which recalled to your mind memories of by-gone days and, looking into the eyes of your Worshipful Master, extend a greeting to those about you, “Behold, a Brother?”

Can you enter the lodge tonight with a desire not only to receive, but to give?

Should you entertain a spirit of enmity in the slightest degree for a brother in this lodge, go in, take the hand of that brother of yours, talk it over with him in the Fraternal spirit you should, and watch the mists disappear and the sunlight of Masonic Brotherhood illuminate your heart and his.

Just try, brother, you will not be disappointed.

The noblest work of God is man, and the ancient landmarks of Freemasonry are His handiwork of man’s highest nobility.
Unless then you can claim to be a Mason, good and true, I beseech you to turn back, and do not enter.

But, if your aims and ambitions are the highest calling of the Brotherhood of Man as taught throughout the ages by the Fraternity of Freemasonry, and sanctioned in nature and revelation by the approval of the Great Architect of the Universe, enter here, for within you will find that which you seek.

Author Unknown

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