Serpent Clasp on Aprons

by MasterMason

What could be the Significance of the Serpent on the Clasp of many Masonic Aprons?

The use of a serpent or snake-like hook to fasten our Masonic Aprons is an intriguing practice. Although the serpent is despised by more people than any other creature on earth, it is one of the oldest, and most venerated, of symbols.

Even though the snake or serpent is perhaps the most deadly and most feared of all the enemies of primitive man (and so stands for the powers of evil), it is also regarded as the wisest of all creatures and when extended at length is the symbol of Divine Wisdom.

In Christian Freemasonry, the serpent is an emblem of the fall and subsequent redemption of man.

Both aspects are depicted in the Volume of the Secret Law (Bible).

The evil aspect is shown in the story of the fall of man in the Garden of Eden, while the Divine Wisdom is clearly referred to in the phrase “Be ye as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves” (Matthew 10 Verse 16).

So, symbolically, the serpent fastening our aprons indicates that, we are encircled by the Holy Wisdom.

The serpent biting its tail and thus forming a circle, which is a figure without a beginning or an end, represents eternity, and therefore the eternal wisdom of the Most High. It should be an ever present reminder that

“ In all his pursuits a Freemason should have Eternity in view.”

Author Unknown


Something to think about.

A friend gave Peggy & I a book some years ago and we have left it on a bedside table in our guest room for the pleasure of anyone visiting our home. It is a beautiful book of Poetry by Helen Steiner Rice and titled “ Someone Cares”

We offer the following poem from that book for your contemplation and pleasure:-

What More Can You Ask”

God’s love endureth forever

What a wonderful thing to know

When the tides of life run against you

And your spirit is downcast and low

God’s kindness is ever around you

Always ready to freely impart

Strength to your faltering spirit,

Cheer to the lonely heart…

God’s presence is ever beside you,

As near as the reach of your hand,

You have but to tell him your troubles,

There is nothing he won’t understand…

And knowing God’s love is unfailing,

And his mercy unending and great,

Your have but to trust in his promise,

“God comes not too soon or too late”

So wait with a heart that is patient

For the goodness of God to prevail,

For never do prayers go unanswered,

And his mercy and Love never fail.



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