Prayer; Love & Appreciation

by MasterMason

Prayer ; Love & Appreciation
presented by VW. Bro. Norman McEvoy   March 2014

Since becoming aware of Dr Wayne W. Dyer in about 1987, I have been a major fan of his philosophical teachings & sharings, in fact, I would readily admit his sharings have changed my life and the way I now look at things.

One of his works is a CD. titled “101 Ways to Transform Your Life” created by him in 1995.
I keep this CD in my car and, while I am driving, I like to listen to a few of the
Transformation Ways he suggests. One thought that he shares is as follows:-

“If PRAYER is you talking to GOD could IN-SPIRIT-ION be GOD talking to you”

You will note that I have chosen to break down the word Inspiration to identify, in my opinion, the content of IN-SPIRIT

This identification has been huge for me, because, working alone on The Educator as I do, I frequently get thoughts and inspirations (such as the one I am now sharing with you) and find myself saying a simple PRAYER of thanks for the guidance received.

Being a Master Mason this has not really been a huge step, in that, like all my fellow Brothers, I am on my own Personal Spiritual Journey and need all the help I can get!!!

On the same CD he reinforces that admonition that we should

So here we are again using a word that a lot of us have difficulty with.
I refer to the word “LOVE

For a lot of men the use of this word is not very masculine and in fact somewhat SISSIE,
but what a huge mistake that is.!!
Surely if we expect others, including our families, to LOVE us we owe it to them to show and express our LOVE for them.

My simple challenge to all readers of this paper is this:-

Starting today make a conscious effort to use the word LOVE in your speech
at least 5 times per day. If you live alone you can always go to a mirror and practice.

Do we like being appreciated for WHO we are and WHAT we do.
Of course we do, it would be silliness to say otherwise.

But, as with LOVE  it flows both ways, and not one of us likes to be taken for granted or unappreciated.

My thought process tells me that, if I look after my own Personal Growth in these matters, that I and those with whom I live and associate with, will respond in kind.
Wouldn’t that be WONDERFUL

Incidentally, I love and appreciate the opportunity you have all given me in allowing me the privilege of sharing with you in this manner.   Thank You.

Have a wonderful day & God Bless


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