Poem on Sharing; Friendship & Living

by MasterMason

He shall never live long enough who serves only himself.
He shall never be great who thinks only of self.
Though he grow to be grey in his own narrow way
He shall find that the gold he has laboured to hold
Is an empty reward for his long years of strife
And too late he shall learn he has wasted his life.
He shall never be wise who thinks only of gain
And toils for what he himself may attain.
He shall sigh at the end for the smile of a friend
And shall reap from years only hatred and sneers
And alone he shall sit at the end of his days
And wish he traveled by kindlier ways.
He shall never be big who has never been kind
But shall always be little of soul and of mind
He may scramble and fight for everything in sight
And may get to the peak by destroying the weak
There he shall find that his conquests are spoiled
And robbed of their charm by the way he has toiled.
The service worthwhile is the service men give
That others in sunshine and laughter may live.
The big men are they who will pause on the way
To play for another the role of a Brother
The great men are they who are gentle and kind
They live when they die in the presence left behind.

poem by John R. Rodgers (circa 1944)

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