Mentoring ; A Possible Solution

by MasterMason

Mentoring ;  A possible Solution!!

Presented by V.W. Bro. Norman McEvoy  Haida Lodge No 166 Grand Lodge of BC &Yukon (Canada)


This paper has been stimulated by a question posed by a Mentor in the U.K. asking WHY Mentorship does not appear, in his opinion, to be have had the success hoped for.

The following is my response:-

Having been on the Mentorship bandwagon since 1996, I cannot agree with you more.

The issue being encountered is, in many instances, that the teacher (Mentor) cannot teach what he does not understand himself. What ends up happening is that both the Candidate & the Mentor get frustrated and pack it in.

How can this be addressed??

With this situation in mind, I have, over the past three years, completed a Book/Manual which could be utilized by the teacher and the student for their mutual benefit.

This Book/Manual contains my own personal understanding of the Esoteric symbolism within the Ceremonies & through which the Candidate must travel in his becoming a Mason. I have named this Book/Manual  “A Journey to the Spirit“.

How do I see this being used????

To begin== at the ending of the Conferral of the E/A Degree the Candidate would be presented with a ring binder containing the relative Episodes from the Book/Manual  pertaining to the Degree he had just experienced.

This presentation could be made by the Lodge Director of Masonic Education &/or any Lodge Officer designated by the W.M. to do so.

The candidate would then be informed that it will be necessary for him to read the episodes provided &, with the assistance of a Mentor, develop an understanding of same.

Following a reasonable period of time, he would then participate in an informal round-table discussion with the Lodge Education Committee which would center on his understanding of the relative episodes.

This committee would then determine the adequacy of his understanding & based on those findings would determine if he, (the candidate) was ready for advancement to the next degree.

As Director of Masonic Education for a Lodge here in Victoria BC. Canada, I have requested such permission from that Lodge to create such an Education Committee to consist of Three Brethren.

One each from Generation 1 (over 70) Generation 2 (45-70) and Generation 3 (under 45)

The task assigned to this committee would be to assist the Mentors & the Candidates in any way possible to make their understanding of our Ceremonies better & by doing so assist themselves in their own “Personal Spiritual Journey”

Please note that this suggestion is not intended to eliminate any proving -up process currently in place, but rather add to a better Educational Understanding for all.

Have a wonderful Day & God Bless



To satisfy those who may feel that this is a merchandising project, I am pleased to inform you that Complimentary copies ofA Journey to the Spirit” are available to all Education Officers & Mentors simply by asking for same.

Email address =

Regular cost has been set at $20.00US Funds.

 Donations are always welcome!!


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