Guide Me

by MasterMason
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prepared and presented by V.W. Bro Norman McEvoy

At this moment I have in front of me some memory work that I have been invited to present at the upcoming Installation of Officers for my Masonic Lodge.
The presentation is known as the :”Charge to the Newly Installed Master of the Lodge”
and includes the following :-

“impress them with the dignity and high importance of Freemasonry and charge them (the Brethren) to practice out of the Lodge those excellent precepts which are ever inculcated in it.

So that when one is said to be a Freemason, the World at Large may know.
That he is a man to whom ====
The Burdened heart may pour forth its sorrow
To whom the distressed may prefer their suit
Whose hand is guided by justice
and Whose heart is expanded by benevolence

These words are so beautiful and meaningful that to live them would be Treasure enough for any man to achieve.

My thoughts take me to speculate on what  a better & different world it would be if everyone in it
accepted this personal charge & asked for God’s GUIDANCE to accomplish same.

Have a wonderful day God Bless You and Yours

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