Ego vs Soul

by MasterMason

W. Bro. Barry Tuck Euclid Lodge No. 158  Parksville.  BC Canada.

Brethren.  I often seek out motivational speeches, sayings and readings. l would like to one that I recently found, that in my mind can draw a parallel to Freemasonry, or better yet, presents a challenge to Freemasonry and us as Freemasons.

It is as follows;


Ego seeks to serve itself

Soul seeks to serve others.

Ego seeks outward recognition,

Soul seeks inner authenticity.

Ego sees life as a competition’

Soul sees life as a gift.

Ego seeks to preserve self,

Soul seeks to preserve others.

Ego looks outward,

Soul looks inward.

Ego feels lack,

Soul feels abundance.

Ego is mortal,

Soul is eternal.

Ego is drawn to lust,

Soul is drawn to love.

Ego seeks wisdom,

Soul is wisdom.

Ego enjoys the prize,

Soul enjoys the journey.

Ego is the cause of pain,

Soul is cause of healing.

Ego rejects God,

Soul embraces God.

Ego seeks to be filled,


Soul is eternal wholeness. Ego is me. Let me first define both EGO and Soul before I present my perspective:

EGO: someone’s sense of their own personal worth, “he has a big ego”, an overstated sense of self, related to the outside world

SOUL: a person’s feelings or moral nature, defining their place in the world, immaterial essence on which a person can be, from an internal perspective


Then I ask…What does Freemasonry serve…our EGO…or our SOUL??

Well I think Freemasonry presents us with a challenge, a choice if you will.


It is possible one could say Freemasonry feeds the Ego„.it suggests by the categories and Three Degrees that we are feeding the Ego…an EA is not considered equal or recognized to be as accomplished as a FC. and indeed  a Master Mason is considered to have reached the pinnacle…some Lodges only permit Master Masons to attend a Board of General Purposes…so becoming a Master Mason gives a further sense of self-worth, although in every Degree we are a Freemason? This, I believe, feeds a Brothers EGO.


We wear collars, if we are Officers, we allow the leader of our Lodge to be a Master, that we must obey and give him immense power over everyone ..” he” is in charge…we have W.Bro, VW.Bro, RW.Bro and Jewels and Aprons are more celebrated and elaborate as you ascend the ranks..can it be said “that” that feeds the EGO?


Does it feed the EGO or become the reason that accomplished Brethren decide that you must be a Principal Officer, WM or PM to have a vote in Grand Lodge???

Well, I hope,  you get my point with these examples. .Freemasonry can feed the EGO.


Equally, however, one could safely say that Freemasonry is known & designed to feed our SOUL.

I has teachings of moral principles that nurture our character, it admonishes immoral behavior, well that could be said to be feeding our Soul by defining and directing our moral compass?

Perhaps it feeds our Soul when after each Degree we are recognized with a more storied and elaborate apron and title, to acknowledge we have done the internal study and work, and progressively advancing our moral character with each Degree?


Possibly the Collars of an Office, or the Jewels, or the Titles, all serve a noble purpose as a reminder to one’s self of the discipline and commitment we have as Freemasons pledged to live, to a higher standard…and perhaps the symbolism serves as a recognition that they can be looked to and sought out by other Brethren for counsel as they to journey through our gentle craft… and they need and desire guidance?

Well then…yes Freemasonry can and does serve and feed the SOUL…

You might agree, it can be a slippery slope… Freemasonry can serve EGO AND SOUL

So, I believe it then becomes a choice. .your choice Brethren…am I right?

Brethren, for discussion…    what is Freemasonry feeding you? Is it feeding your EGO? Or is it feeding your SOUL? … OR is it a little bit of both…


Comment ===  To the reader !! ==== This paper was shared with me a few months ago & I initially set it aside because it appeared to me to be simply sharing common sense. Having now had the opportunity to deliberate on the content, I believe I can readily see Brethren who are enamored with the Gilt & Glitter.


In conclusion I sincerely believe that those brethren are a very small minority & to me and, I believe the vast majority of Brethren, Freemasonry has provided us with invaluable guidelines & lessons to learn and live by.

Have a wonderful Day & God Bless    ========= Norm





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