Chronological History of Freemasonry & Related Events

by MasterMason

To the Reader

Over the past  10 years I have created a Chronological History of Freemasonry & Related Events utilizing any and all material that has come to my attention & I felt relevant to my purpose.

The plan was & continues to be to include, not only distinctly Masonic Events but all other historical events of a Social ; Religious & Political nature that I saw to be relevant and could have had even a minimal affect on the shaping of what Freemasonry is today.

Considering the pure size of the challenge, I have limited the scope of this Chronology to the British Isles and have included events up to and including 1992.

Due to the size and format of this material   (14 pages in landscape format) I am unable to utilize this Website to share it with you, however, I am quite willing to share, with interested readers, by way of email.  As this is a working paper, for personal use,  it will be provided in MS Word thus allowing you to make your own notes and additions.

My email address is

All you need do is send me a email to the above address and I will forward the most current edition to you FREE of charge.

All I ask is, if you identify and error OR know of an event of any nature that, in your mind, warrants inclusion, that you let me know.  Should I agree an amendment will take place.

Thank you all.    Have a wonderful day & God Bless.   Norm






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