An Anniversary

by MasterMason
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An Anniversary

“Is Another Link of Love Binding Couples Closer”
a poem by Helen Steiner Rice

It takes a special day like this
To just sit back and reminisce
And think of all the things you’ve shared
Since the first day you knew “You Cared”
Of course things change, for that is Life
And Love between Man & Wife
Cannot remain “Romantic Bliss”
Forever “flavoured with a kiss”
But Always there’s That Bond of Love
There’s Just no Explanation Of
And with the “storms ” and “trials” it grows
Like flowers do beneath the snows….
Sometimes it’s hidden from the sight
Just like the Sun gets lost at night
But Always There’s That Bond of Love
There’s Just no Explanation Of….
And Every Year that You’re Together,
Regardless of the “kind of Weather”…
The Bond Of Love Grows That Much Stronger
Because you’ve Shared it One Year Longer

On July 18th, a week ago, Peggy & I celebrated
our 55th Wedding Anniversary.
I, for one, can attest that this poem is absolutely TRUE and am again reminded that, irrespective of what my outside activities may call on me to do, FAMILY must always come first.    A good lesson that we sometimes forget!!!!!

Have a Wonderful Day & God Bless

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