Am I a Master Mason

by MasterMason

Am I a Master Mason?

C. Hull, Jr., MPS (Membership or Location not known)

Have you, at any time, been inclined to ask yourself these questions,

“Am I a Master Mason?” “Dare I call myself a Master Mason?” –     

Did you question your conscience in this respect? And if you did,

“What were your answers?” Only you can answer such questions in true response to your heart and soul.

Just what is a Master Mason? The answer can only be found where true Masonry is at work, where there is activity in the Mason quarries and where there is a manifestation of a true adherence to the teachings and principles of our great fraternity. Brethren, we all know the questions, but do we have the answers?

Possibly, the first qualifications we should find out about ourselves are, “Are we paying a proper reverence to the Supreme Grand Master of all people?” “Are we  following the blue prints so completely drawn by the number one Foreman in Masonic Quarries?” “Is the Letter G the first letter of the Masonic alphabet and is it shining forth within us with a pure golden brilliance?”

The symbolic teachings pertaining to the Masonic Square are forcefully recommended to us in all our deliberations, “Are we squaring our actions by the square of virtue towards all mankind?” “Are we following the blue prints pertaining to the Masonic square in the erection of our Moral and Masonic edifice?” We are admonished to live respected and die regretted. This goal may be attained by following the lessons as taught the Masonic compasses – limiting our passions in every station and rising to eminence by our own merits.

In Masonry, we speak of the immortality of the soul and are taught to plan for immortality -by following the lessons pertaining to the Masonic Line. This symbolic emblem directs our pathway to immortality, to eternity, hence into infinity. What more is there?

We learn that the V.O.S.L will guide us to all truth – ALL TRUTH – there is no more. There is no other guide, truth is its fullest.   We hear that this Book will direct our steps to the temple of happiness, pointing out to us the whole duty of man. Such guidelines to conduct our lives as men, as Masons, cannot be more complete. The manner in which we follow these guidelines will enable us -to truthfully answer the question, “Am I, a Master Mason?”

There is no doubt, all of us had an impressive experience at the time we received the Sublime Degree in Masonry. Immediately, we realized that we had a new road upon which to travel. Within our hearts we were firmly convinced that we should not sway from the middle of the Masonic highway. We all know that we are creatures of human nature and meet with many temptations along the way. After we were made Master Masons, it proved less difficult to travel in the middle of this pathway, neither swaying right nor left. Is this not true?

Brotherly Love is one of the principal tenets of our profession, closely followed by Relief and Truth. We meet as Masons, we experience a true feeling of fellowship and Brotherly Love. This is innermost manifestation of respect for our brother Mason; our fellow man is a feeling that we find in true Masonry at work. How can we temper ourselves so that we may experience such evidence of Brotherly Love?

We can do this by working off the rough edges that disqualify us as a living stone for the temple, the temple of happiness within us, using the common gavel, the first tool of a Mason.

When do we not manifest this feeling, then it is time for us to ask the important question, “Am I a Master Mason?” Ask, “Am I one to whom the world may pour out its sorrow? To whom distress may prefer its suit?” Ask, “Is my hand guided by justice and is my heart expanded by benevolence?” May we always be deeply concerned by distresses, be forever benevolent, and endeavor to the fullest extent, to ease the sorrows and misfortunes of our fellow man.

We are fortunate to be a part of a Masonic Fraternity which stresses such a manifestation of brotherly love as these tenets which are so sincerely inculcated in all of our communications. We must strive to plant these principles in our hearts, in our thoughts, in our actions and let them grow and blossom each day of our lives.

Let us establish our connections by adhering to the tenet of relief of our fellow Mason, of our fellow man, our Masonic widows and orphans.

In Masonry, we do contribute to just and realistic charity. In our consciences we feel this to be a Masonic obligation. Many outstanding and worthy organizations receive bountiful contributions from our brotherhood. It is also in our hearts and minds to remember our fellow man in his distresses when we are at a throne of grace with our Supreme Grand Master. When we follow these guidelines, there is no doubt as to the answer of the question, “Am I a Master Mason?”

Freemasonry is based on the most fundamental and just principles found in any organization or group of people on the face of the earth. As Freemasons, we are obligated to follow the lessons of such teachings, free to perform the duties of being a Freemason, being a just and upright man, With such firm fundamentals upon which to rear our Moral and Masonic edifice, our temples will become and always remain monumental of what is good and true. When we sight down the Masonic plumb line, we find ourselves a destiny among the stars which will shine forth forever and forever.

We must adhere to these principles because it is who we are. I want to be my brother’s keeper, aid him in his reformation, practice benevolence, relieve the distressed, soothe and sorrow, support the laws of our land, strive to encourage the administration of Justice. May the V.O.S.L. guide me to all -truth and finally, may I say, “In God I trust.” Then when asked the question, “Are you a Master Mason?” I can, in all sincerity answer, “I am!”


In my reading of this paper I sense a feeling of frustration being expressed by the author & his determination that all men who claim to be Freemasons understand what is expected when identifying ones self as such.  I offer my thanks to him for his message & efforts in sharing it with us all.

Have a Wonderful Day & God Bless





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