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When do we become a Mason?  After the First Degree?  When we become a Fellowcraft?  or not until we become a Master Mason?


The answer is quite simple, it is the precise moment after you take your FIRST obligation.


It may be that we cannot fully enjoy visiting until we are duly qualified as a Master Mason, and even then, are we “Practicing Masons”, or just members on the roll?.


It is easily understood that at any stage in our development, (as individual Masons), we can feel insignificant in such a great & huge fraternal organization.


However, I ask you to examine Masonry, which began as a small idea and evolved into what it is today.  We must do many little things to accomplish a big thing.


Think about it!  Every tile in the mosaic pavement serves its purpose.  The void which would be present if even one tile were missing makes each sector indispensable.


You’ve heard the saying, “It’s only a drop in the bucket”.  A drop in the bucket may appear insignificant, but, you know, a drop of water placed in the ocean does raise its level, even though imperceptibly. Because a deed or event is small is no reason to ignore it!!!!


So it is with our Lodges.  Be they small, appear insignificant, or be unimpressive; be they only a drop in the bucket, their contributions to Freemasonry can be measured.


Some ideas take a long time to prove and develop into something fruitful and so it is with Masonry.


Our Ancient Landmarks, the backbone of our fraternity, have survived the pressures of time.


A seed needs to be planted, cultivated and harvested.  But, being a farmer, I am fully aware that the same planting does not always reap the same harvest.


We talk about our organization needing modernization.  Much is said about keeping an open mind.  This virtue is worthy of praise, but it should not stop there.


Our minds should be always enquiring, not simply accepting new ideas, but exploring them, establishing their credibility, helping the good ones to become implanted and nourishing them.


This is where research becomes so important.  Research, in essence, is an organized way of discovering the truths and merits of an idea.


Nearly all of us, (I’m no exception) waste more valuable time excusing ourselves with not having the time than with any other excuse for our lack of achievement.


Small amounts soon build into large amounts.  A few minutes a day soon add up to hours of wasted time and finally we realize that time’ has passed us by.

Each of us, in looking at life, seeks to make the best of our place in it. Life is a succession of challenges and a realization of basic values.


It is up to us as individuals, to pick and choose that which is important to us, and to mankind.

In short, to live, we must act.  To act, we must make choices.  To make choices, we must consider values and values are determined by little things.


In life, we have two paths to follow: to the one side – fear, hatred, envy; to the other side – confidence, love, sharing.  Let us follow the Masonic path.


Adapted from a paper by: Orvil E. Mything, Grand Master; Published in




I find it amazing that articles, such as this one, appear as if out of nowhere, at a time when work loads get high and end objectives get challenged.


Thank you G.A.O.T.U.



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