A Walk About the Lodge

by MasterMason

A Walk-About the Lodge
It is important to note that this paper came to me from a Brother in the U.K. & although he did not give me the name of this Lodge, he and his Lodge Brothers will be able to identify him and his contribution to Masonic Education.

This paper has been amended by V.W. Bro. Norman McEvoy to reflect the order of sequence utilized in the Emulation Work of which he is familiar.
Many thanks are extended to the Brother &/or Brethren who created the first presentation.

This program is intended to instruct and assist a newly Raised Brother to become more at ease and comfortable in a Lodge room that is seemingly full of customs, symbols and mysteries. It may also help to stir his interest in furthering his Masonic Education.
This program is not ritual and should be given informally in a light friendly manner.

The presenter could conduct the walk-about in his own words and at his own pace.
He can also initiate his own humor during the walk-about of the Lodge room.

As a suggestion, one Brother could narrate the walk-about with another acting as the guide.

It is recommended that the presentation of the walk-about take place at a regular business meeting shortly after the new Brother receives the Third Degree of Masonry. It should not be given in conjunction with any Degree, and should be presented in the order of business entitled “New Business”.

The following instructions should be given, and understood, at an Executive meeting or preferably at a rehearsal:-
The Worshipful Master may appoint a representative of the Education Committee or any fully qualified Brother to conduct the walk-about program. The presenter should instruct all Officers that when the candidate is presented to them, the Officer should rise and extend his hand in a token of Friendship and Brotherly Love.

When it is said “and his jewel is” that officer should lift and display the jewel of his office.

When all remarks are concluded at that particular station or place, the guide or narrator thanks the Officer by Title (Worshipful Master, Senior Deacon, etc), the Officer will sit down in his chair before the guide moves the candidate forward.

The guide or narrator also has the option to edit or modify the program.
The sequence of introductions as outlined in the text is recommended.
It should be done in a clockwise direction and adjusted to suit the individual Lodge room.

The Process
The guide should meet the newly Raised Brother prior to the opening of the Lodge and accompany him to a seat near the northeast corner of the Lodge.
The instructions contained within the text to be presented are within parenthesis and italicized.

When the Worshipful Master announces “New Business . . .” or
“Has any Brother anything to bring before the Lodge?”

(The Guide rises and begins 🙂
Worshipful Master, May I have permission to conduct our newly Raised Brother on a walk-about the Lodge???

(The Worshipful Master responds 🙂 Permission granted.

(The Guide rises, indicates that the new Brother should do the same.
He extends his hand in friendship, and begins)

My Brother, I am _________________ and I am about to conduct you on a walk-about of the Lodge room.
Please understand that this is not official ritual and does not need to be memorized.

It is presented to you so that you will gain a better understanding of the workings of the Lodge.

This will enable you to become more comfortable in attending and participating in this, your Mother Lodge, and in visiting others.

This is the Northeast corner of the Lodge.
Here you were placed before the Worshipful Master when he informed you that you that
There stood a just & upright man and a Mason”

It is here you began your Personal Spiritual journey in the world of Masonry.
The Northeast corner is where, traditionally, the first stone of a building is laid, and it is where you laid the first stone of your personal spiritual building.

You stand here a rough ashlar (point to it) starting a lifelong journey toward the ideal of becoming that perfect ashlar (pointing to it) fitted for that house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.

We are taking this walk-about the Lodge so that you may meet the Brothers who assisted in the conferral of your Degrees. It is our hope to provide you with some additional information that will make you a more comfortable & contributing Mason.

As you can see, the Charter of this Lodge (point to it) is displayed openly in the Lodge.
No Lodge may conduct their work legally without their Charter present in the Lodge.

In visiting a Lodge; that Lodge has the right to ask you to prove that you indeed a master mason. In like manner you have the right to examine their Charter to assure yourself that they are a Lodge in amity with your own Grand Lodge.

It is important to remember that once the Lodge is opened, and at labor, no one is permitted to talk or move about the Lodge without the permission of the Worshipful Master. To do so would be considered disrespectful.

(Guide escorts new Brother to the Worshipful Master and sees that he comes to the Sign of Fidelity by showing him how it is done.)

This is the Sign of Fidelity, it is a Master Mason’s proper sign of respect and is always to be given when addressing or being addressed by a senior officer.
Should you wish to speak in Lodge, or ask a question, you will rise to your feet and come on the Sign of Fidelity, and wait to be recognized by the Worshipful Master. You will continue to hold the sign while speaking and will drop it only when you are finished and return to your seat.

When speaking, you will address ONLY the Worshipful Master.
No cross talk is permitted when the Lodge is open in any Degree.

In some World Jurisdictions, the Sign of the Degree, in which the Lodge is then operating, is used when addressing the Worshipful Master

There are many times when the Sign of Fidelity is used as when the Chaplain is offering prayer to the Deity & when the Senior Deacon approaches the altar to open or close the V.O.S.L.
It is also used when the Worshipful Master is obligating a candidate at the Altar and upon the entrance of the Grand Master, or the Deputy Grand Master.

This Officers title is Worshipful Master and he is always to be addressed in that manner when the Lodge is at work. This title is one of respect and does not indicate that he is to be in any way worshiped.              It has no religious connotation whatsoever!!!!

Its use is based upon the 13th century English custom of using the honorific  “Your Worship” or “Worshipful.” as a mark of respect for men who occupied positions of honor or authority.         Freemasons later adopted this form of address and it has been in usage within the craft for many years.

The jewel of his office (Worshipful Master holds jewel up for display) is the Square, an emblem of morality and virtue. It is also displayed upon his apron.

The Worshipful Master is the presiding Officer of the Lodge & he may be the elected Master or an alternate designated by the elected Master to fill that station for a specific purpose and time or in an emergency.

The Brother who sits in the East wearing the jewel and apron of the Master will always be addressed as Worshipful Master while in that Office.

At the hand of the Worshipful Master is his gavel, a sign of authority in the Lodge room. With it the Worshipful Master can call his Officers to order with two raps, raise the entire Lodge to their feet with three raps, and seat them again with one.

If a side conversation occurs within the Lodge room, all must fall silent upon the Worshipful Master’s single rap. It is a serious breach of proper Masonic conduct & protocol to ignore the Worshipful Master’s gavel. Thank you Worshipful Master.

(Moving Clockwise to facing the Master of Ceremonies)
This is our Master of Ceremonies
(He rises and offers handshake).

His jewel is the Crossed Staves (displayed), worn about his neck, and displayed upon his apron. He is responsible for assisting the Worshipful Master and in directing the ceremonial work of the Lodge. Thank you Brother Masters of Ceremonies.

(Guide now turns Brother to the Secretary of the Lodge)
This is our Brother Secretary (Rises and offers handshake)
The jewel of his office is Crossed Pens (displayed) and his duties are to record the proceedings of the Lodge, issue notices for the assembling of Brethren and the collection of dues. Thank you Brother Secretary.

(Guide now proceeds to the Junior Warden)
This is our Brother Junior Warden (Rises and offers handshake)
The Jewel of his office is the Plumb Rule an emblem of uprightness (displayed)
His duties include the examination & reception of visitors & the superintendence of the Brethren when at refreshment. Thank you Brother Junior Warden.

(Guide now presents the Stewards)
These are the Stewards of the Lodge (rise and shake hands); their
jewel (displayed) is the Cornucopia, or Horn of Plenty.
This is frequently the first chair a Brother will be offered when he aspires to begin his
passage/journey as an Officer for the East

The stewards have the responsibility to assist in the preparing, serving and clearing of refreshments and assisting in the housekeeping about the Lodge. They are also to ensure that all Brethren especially visitors are to be made welcome & comfortable.
Thank you Brother Stewards

(Guide leads new Brother to Inner Guard)
This is our Inner Guard he is placed within the Door of the Lodge .
His duties are to insure that the Lodge is properly tiled and attends to all alarms from the Outer Door.
He announces visitors & late comers to the Junior Warden, who passes that message to the Worshipful Master.
At the Worshipful Master’s direction, through the Junior Warden, he then admits those vouched for Brethren, to the Lodge.

The Jewel of his office is TWO Crossed Swords (displayed)
Thank you Brother Inner Guard.

(Guide continues while standing at the Outer Door)
Admits the Tyler, who remains standing at the Open Door) He continues ===

Placed outside of the door of the Lodge stands Our Brother Tyler whose duty it is to guard the door of the Lodge from anything or anybody who could interfere with the workings of the Lodge. The jewel of his office (displayed) is the Drawn Sword.

He guards the Lodge against the intrusion of outsiders and prevents anyone from intruding in our Ceremonies. He ensures that all those wishing to enter are properly clothed, vouched for and have signed the Porch Book.
When satisfied that all is in order, he will make an alarm and inform the Inner Guard of their presence.
On receiving the proper approval he will admit the Brethren to the Lodge.
Thank you Brother Tyler.

(Guide leads new Brother to the Junior Deacon)
To the right of the Senior Warden is our Brother Junior Deacon (rises, shakes hands). The jewel of his office (displayed) & is worn about his neck & and also displayed on his apron and staff.

Note. This emblem will most probably be the same as the Senior Deacon and as with the Senior Deacon could differ from Jurisdiction to Jurisdiction.
Being a messenger this emblem in Emulation Ritual is a Dove.

His duties correspond with those of the Senior Deacon and they are assigned to act as Guides & Messengers about the Lodge.
Thank you Brother Junior Deacon

(Guide leads new Brother to Senior Warden)
This is our Brother Senior Warden (rises and shakes hands).
The jewel of his office (displayed) is the Level, an emblem of equality and balance.
The Senior Warden is second in command of the Lodge and is to assume the Worshipful Master’s duties and responsibilities in his absence.

During your Degrees he was one of those responsible for observing that you were duly and properly prepared and later that you were indeed in possession of the signs and tokens.
Thank you Brother Senior Warden.

(Guide leads new Brother to Treasurer)—

This is our Brother Treasurer. (Rises and offers handshake.) The jewel of his office (displayed) is the Crossed Keys and represents the keys to the strongbox or safe and signifies the trust placed in him to manage the financial resources of the Lodge.
He receives all funds paid to the Lodge, via the Secretary, and issues cheques at the direction of the Lodge as certified by the Executive Finance Committee.
Thank you, Brother Treasurer.

(Guide turns to the Organist)—
Still further on the left of the Worshipful Master sits our Brother Organist,
(Rises and offers handshake.) he provides musical accompaniment to our work.
The importance and power of Music, one of the liberal arts, was explained to you during your 2nd Degree. His jewel is the lyre (displayed), an ancient musical instrument.
Thank you Brother Organist.

(Guide escorts new Brother to a position in front of the Senior Deacon)

This is our Brother Senior Deacon (Rises and offers handshake).
The jewel of his office (displayed) is a Dove (appropriate to the workings of the Lodge)
This emblem is also present on his staff and apron.

Note The Emblem may differ from Jurisdiction to Jurisdiction.
In my Emulation Lodge it is the Dove to signify that the Deacons are in fact messengers.

It was he who acted as your trusted guide as you progressed through the Degrees.
He also serves to convey the orders of the Worshipful Master about the Lodge room and serves at the altar during the opening and closing of the Lodge.
Thank you Brother Senior Deacon.

(Guide leads new Brother to the Chaplain)
(Rises and offers handshake)
This is our Brother Chaplain.
The jewel of his office is an open copy of the Volume of Sacred Law (displayed), also worn upon his apron.
His duties include leading our devotions to Deity at the opening and
closing of the Lodge and reading the Scripture lessons during the Degrees.

Thank you Brother Chaplain

My Brother, it has been my pleasure to conduct you on a walk-about the Lodge room this evening, to explain and instruct you in some of our ancient and honorable customs.

As you have seen here tonight, every Mason under the Canopy of Heaven will extend the hand of Friendship and Brotherly Love to you at each and every opportunity.
Your Brethren have spent many hours learning and practicing their work to present your Initiation, Passing and Raising in this Lodge & admittance to our Fraternity.

We stand committed ever ready & willing to continue to share Masonic Light with you; all you need do is ask. Congratulations and best wishes, my Brother, in your progress through the Craft.

Welcome== All Brethren rise and Applaud the NEW Brother.

(If a Master Mason Certificate is to be presented, it could be done at this time while the new Brother stands West of the Altar. If not, he should be conducted to a seat at the North East of the Lodge.      Ensure that he is not sitting alone!!!!!!

(Guide faces the Worshipful Master in the East)
Worshipful Master, I thank you for the opportunity and privilege of escorting our newly Raised Brother on this walk-about the Lodge.
(The Guide returns to his seat).

The basic focus of this paper was shared with me by a Brother somewhere in England.
He has given me his name but NOT his Lodge number or Location.
As he will note I have taken the liberty of putting my own SPIN to the paper and ask for his understanding.
It is in this manner of sharing that valuable education ; thoughts & ideas can be shared WorldWide.

Thank you George Saxby=== Wherever you are!!!!!!!
Happy 35th Wedding Anniversary
Have a wonderful Day & God Bless

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