Advice For The New Year

by MasterMason

Author unknown

At the Banquet following the Installation of Officers of Victoria- Columbia No 1 GL of BC & Y, which was held on Jan 9, 2016, our Grand Master. M.W. Bro. Douglas Collins shared this thought in his message to the Brethren present & their ladies.
Needless to say, it was very well received & left us all with a personal challenge.

The Paper

Moments of life never pass by us again, so let’s appreciate every moment that the Great Architect gives us.
This New Year let’s free ourselves from our Grudges , Sadness , Private piques and offer forgiveness to those who have disappointed or provoked us in some manner.

Let’s try not to allow our egos to become our worst enemies. Humility is a trait we as Freemasons profess to work towards and extol, so let’s make it so.!
Perfection is something we strive towards, but none of us will ever attain.

I hope that in this year to come, we will all make mistakes. Because, if we are doing our best and making mistakes, then we are trying new things, learning, living, changing ourselves, changing our World, gaining Wisdom and making our Masonic Mark in the process.

Why not be daring and try a different path?
Like the winding staircase, who knows where it will lead us?
Many things are thrown away in this game of life.
It’s how we deal with them that reveals our true character.

So in 2016 let’s allow ourselves the pleasure of enjoying the fellowship and compassion of Brotherly Love, the gratification of Relief and the Comfort of Truth & Fidelity for the coming Year.

Beautifully presented and very well received.

Have a Wonderful Day & God Bless

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