Why Brother

by MasterMason
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A Brother has written asking WHY do Freemasons refer to themselves as Brothers.????


From Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary if find the following definition;


1. A male who has the same parents as another or one parent in common with another

2. (a) Kinsman  (b) one who shares with another a common national or racial origin

3. A fellow member

From Mackey’s Lexicon of Freemasonry;


The term Freemasons apply to each other, Freemasons are Brethren, not only by common participation of the human nature, but, as professing¬† the same faith, as being jointly engaged in the same labours, and being unified by a mutual covenant or tie, whence they are also emphatically called “Brethren of the Mystic Tie”.

Personally, I think of Freemasonry as a Fraternal Brotherhood with common ideals and principles and as such I feel privileged to have so many Brothers, in the craft, scattered across the face of the Earth.


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