A Poem – Thoughts of a Mason’s Wife

by Steven Noble

How many wives of Masons have ever given much thought?
To the wonderful biblical lessons that Masonry has taught?
Have you asked yourself this question, when you sit alone at night,
While hubby is at Lodge: is my reasoning straight and right?
I know the nights are lonely and long, but this question comes to me,
“If my husband weren’t a Mason, what kind of man would he be?”

I know nothing of their secret work, but this much I understand
That the lessons taught in Masonry have made a better man.
So, ask yourself this question, which has always come to me,
“If my husband weren’t a Mason, what kind of man would he be?”

They call us Masonic Widows; I’ve been one foe many a year.
I’ve spoken my piece on lonely nights, and berated hubby dear.
But, then again, I regret my words, and with wisdom try to see,
“If my husband weren’t a Mason, what kind of man would he be?

So I try to be a patient wife, as alone I meditate,
And see his point, as he leaves for Lodge, with these words,
“I won’t be late!”

Some say that men make Masonry, and this I understand,
But, deep in my heart I still maintain, “That Masonry makes the man.”
And as we journey the highway together, to the inner things of life,
May their teachings go on forever……….

(Author Unknown)

Suzan Erickson made a response to this poem when her husband Robert Erickson was installed as Master of San Juan Lodge #175.

This is an awesome poem and most of it I can relate.
I have whined many nights to Bob, “Will you be very late!”

I have been a daughter of a Mason, A Jobie and now a Masons Wife
I never in my wildest dreams, believed this would be part of our life.

God has to have a master plan, Larger than any of us can see,
Because, If my husband weren’t a Mason what else would he be?

Life doesn’t always offer us everything we have in mind
Allot of times we wonder, Is life very kind?

We all experienced this, especially these last few years
We have lost so many members, and shared so many tears.

Now to get on a lighter subject and something we can all understand
Is what this Lodge has done for people, is lend a helping hand.

I came before the lodge one day, to ask for a huge flavor,
I asked the lodge to help me raise, some money for my Neighbour.

I told them what my goal was, ten thousand dollars for kids and her
And they put on a spaghetti feed, that was more than words can confer

They worked so hard that night to full fill the original goal,
The fruit of their labour, gave a gift from their sole

It was a huge success, and it opened many eyes,
We had lots of questions that night, who are these Masonic guys?

I cannot begin to tell you, how proud I am to be
Associated with such Godly men, for other eyes to see.

So Bob, as you are now Master of this lodge for a whole year
I’ll do my best not to grumble to much, ok hubby dear.

And as we Journey this highway together, this special time in your life
I promise to support you

Sincerely, your Wife
By Suzan Erickson

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